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Brisbane’s newest, local compounding pharmacy specialists. East Coast Compounding is conveniently located in Wellington Point and offers specialised compounded medicine to the community. 

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Medicine made for your needs only

See our range and find out how our biggest strength is creating personalised medication for you and your family!

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The Difference At East Coast Compounding

Customised Medicine
Remove Fillers
Flavour Choices
Combine Ingredients
Resolve Shortages
Our Expertise at East Coast Compounding


Our Expertise

Our team stay up to date on the latest innovations in compounded medicine including the fields of pain, skin care, hormones, sleep and immunology


Our Commitment

We’re committed to ensuring you’re offered the safest, easiest and personalised formulations to help you overcome any medical issues you face

Our Commitment from our compounding pharmacy team


Our Promise

We pair the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients with the best standard of care and accessibility to offer you an unparalleled experience


Our Compounding Pharmacy

East Coast Compounding offer patients a truly individualised solutions for their entire family’s health care needs, including your pets! 

Some of most satisfying results and experiences we have been able to offer include acute & chronic pain management, sleep, kids’ issues, women’s health, unique vitamin blends, hormone issues and both medical & cosmeceutical skin care solutions.