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Menopause happens to all women as they get older, but the severity and complications of it can be minimised through a veriety of bioidentical HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and non-hormonal options.
Bioidentical HRT BHRT

through compounded hrt

Address Your Symptoms

Gone are the days when women we all treated with the same doses of the same hormones. Compounded bio-identical hormone restoration allows for a personlised touch.

Hot Flushes

Correction of estrogen offers a way to address bothersome hot flushes

Sleep & Fatigue

This does not have to become the new norm during menopause

Anxiety & Mood

Compounded HRT may optimise estrogen and progesterone ratios and stabilise mood

Libido & Dryness

Hormonal and non-hormonal options available that can reduce irritation  

Bone Health

May reduce increased bone turnover induced by estrogen deficiency to strengthen bones

Weight Gain

Hormonal changes can lead to increased water retention and weight gain

The goal

Our Core Principals

Our compounded, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and your menopause treatment outcomes are always aligned with our three core values.

01. Balance

Personalised Approach

Incrementally adding hormones to reduce or eliminate symptoms like hot flushes and replenish deficiencies.

02. Restore

Individual Considerations

When restoring the bodies normal hormonal levels before menopause, we consider the impact of other hormones.

03. Optimise

Review & Readjust

Monitoring pathology to optimise outcomes in menopause and relive symptoms of hot flushes & mood change.

How Do We Achieve This?

Check out what hormones might be prescribed for your menopause through compounded HRT by your doctor and what symptoms they correlate with!

Estradiol (E2) & Estriol (E3)

Estrogen acts on every part of the body, so it’s no wonder we feel like we are in crisis mode when levels start to drop during menopause. When incorporated in compounded HRT preperations, it may be trying to:

  • Reduce hot flushes
  • Maintain of your metabolism
  • Maintain bone density (prevent osteoporosis)
  • Improve quality sleep
  • Increase good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol

Micronised Progesterone

Progesterone is another major hormone in the body that has a vital role in various bodily functions. When progesterone levels begin to decrease during menopause, some of the following symptoms may be seen:

  • Hot Flushes
  • Night Sweats
  • Anxiety and mood swings
  • Insomnia & poor quality sleep
  • Weight gain & water retention
  • Depression

Only small amounts!

The use of or addition of testosterone in bioidentical HRT is used more regularly than most would expect, but only in very small doses. Testosterone is generally used to relieve symptoms including:

  • Fatigue
  • Dry & thinning skin
  • Incontinence
  • Low Libido


DHEA is a precursor to estrogens and testosterone as well as an anti-inflammatory. Supplementation is often used in conjunction with other hormones or in and IVF setting and aids in:

  • Suppressing cortisol activity
  • Preventing systemic inflammation
  • Protecting the CNS cortisol from damage
  • Boosting levels reduced by adrenal fatigue