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Prevention is the key

Hair loss

Also referred to as alopecia, may be prevented and in some cases reversed. When left untreated it sometimes leads to low self esteem and other unnecessary burdens.
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We Treat Hair Loss

We take your personal preferences and dermatological variables into consideration when working whether formulating a customised supplement through to discussions with your doctor.

Evidence based

Hair Support Supplements

Stop reading articles that have no science to support their claims. We have done the hard work and created a blend from a variety of medical publications. We have a specific formula for men and women.

Over the counter

Prescription Free

Choose from a range of both compounded and non-compounded options that may slow down or reverse your hair loss.

Personalised Approach

Specialised Team

Are you looking for a doctor that specialises in unique, customised hair loss formulations? Or would you like one of our pharmacists to collaborate with your doctor?
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The Real Difference

Hair loss, or alopecia has different causes for different individuals. This is why at East Coast Compounding, we offer truly individualised solutions.


We have a range of potent prescription and over the counter preparations that can target various causes of alopecia or hair loss. Our wide selection of the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients for you and your doctor to choose from.

This includes minoxidil, finasteride, bimatoprost, tretinoin, azelaic acid, spironolactone, progesterone, saw palmetto, zinc picolinate, pyridoxine and more!


We will work with your doctor with your doctor to formulate a topical or oral dosage form that will attack as many different pathways as possible to minimise and reverse your hair loss. Research shows this is one the most effective ways to enhance hair loss treatment.


Our team take an evidence based approach when formulating your unique preparation. This means we have done all the hard work of researching what works and debunked the myths about hair loss and alopecia.

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