Medicate your pets faster and easier with our range of delicious flavours and personalised dosage forms here at East Coast Compounding.

How You & Your Pets Can Benefit

East Coast Compounding is able to make medication time so much easier for your pet. By working with you and your vet, we can:

  • Easily administer medicine like flavoured capsules, tasty liquids & transdermal creams
  • Change the flavour of liquids and add flavouring scents to capsules that better suit your pets tastes
  • Change formulations from capsules and tablets to tasty liquid solutions


Trilostane, cyclosporine, benazepril, pimobendane, trazodone & other common medication.


Methimazole, amlodipine, tramadol, amitriptyline, fluoxetine & others available in liquid and topical gel forms.


Flavoured suspensions including doxycycline, metronidazole, nystatin, enrofloxacin & more.


Flavoured powders & pastes including omeprazole, metformin and a wide range of antibiotics.


Concentrated & flavoured metronidazole, trimethoprim and other common medication.

Pocket Pets

We offer cisapride, metronidazole, doxycycline and chloramphenicol in delicious dosage forms.

Can we help your little loved ones?

Case Study

Capsules vs. Transdermals

Pets may actually be one of the most difficult patients to give medicine to as they can’t speak and tell us why they don’t want to take it. Some owners are put in the uncomfortable position of force feeding their pet which can lead to physical injury, anxiety and fear in the animal.

The Problem

Jim has a 14 year old dog named Charlie with bad arthritis. Jim’s vet prescribed capsules to help with Charlie’s arthritis.

Jim tried to hide the capsule in food, but Charlie ate around the capsule. He then opened the capsule and sprinkled the powder on the food, but Charlie didn’t like the smell of his food, so he didn’t eat it.

Finally, Jim force fed Charlie the capsules but felt he was doing more harm than good because he had to use quite a bit of force.

The East Coast Solution

Through compounding, Jim was able to get the medication turned into a cream that could be applied on Charlie’s ear, because this is the thinnest layer of skin. The cream itself  allows the medication to penetrate straight through the skin allowing it to be absorbed.

Jim’s now able to put on a glove and rub the medication onto Charlie’s ear gently and easily.

Charlie is now able to run up to Jim with no issues and be patted, exactly what he deserves!